Shed No. L / 211 / 2, 2nd Phase G.I.D.C. Gundlav - 396035, Valsad, Gujarat.
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Top Centre line Discharge, Self-venting Casing, arranged for back pull-out fully confinced PTFE gasket. Foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads, working pressure upto 2550 KPa. Minimum 3 mm corrosion allowance, for maximum corrosion-erosion resistance. Casing is supplied without tapped openings, but drain plug openings are provided only when specified

"ln and out sealing, external flushing or lubrication as required. Suffing box is completely machined formechanicalseal installation,either originallyor as a field conversion.lnside, out-side, unbalanced, balanced, single, double or tandem seals with any required gland, throat bushing, throttle bushing and flushing lines furnished to meet individual sealing problems. Gland completely confines stationary mating ring gasket


lnboard bearing is pressed on shaft and is free to flaot axially in frame - carries radial load only. Outboard bearing is shouldered and locked on shaft with locknut and star washer and in bearing housing to carry radial and any unbalanced thrust load. All bearing fits are precision board. lnboard bearing is single row, deep groove. Outboard bearing is double row, deep groove angular contact. Both bearings are sized for two year minimum life.


Fully open, has partial shrouds for maximum vane support without high thrust inherent in full shroud designs. Matched to casing for high efficiency and low NPSH. lmpeller is tightened on shaft with nut and threads are sealed by a PTFE O Ring. lmpeller nut assures non opening of impeller with wrong rotation of motor. Large smoothly contoured flow passages combine best slurry and solid handling ability. All impellers are statically and dynamically balanced.


Sturdy cast iron construction provides rigid bearing alignment and shaft support. Contains large oil reservoir with water jacket. oli level is maintained by constant level oiler with visible oil supply. Oil seals on each end and oil breather fully protects oil from contamination while allowing for expansion or contraction of air caused by ambient temperature change. To handle liquids above 175 C, cast integral cooling chamber is designed for 600 KPa working pressure or 900 KPa test pressure.


M.S fabricated drip rim type. Only nine sizes of base plates accommodate all pump sizes and all applicable IS or IEC frame size motors.


A spacer type coupling is provided to take full advantage of the back pull-out feature. Standard RATHI (love joy) make RRS-type coupling is supplied unless otherwise specified.


Encloses back of casing and] contains stuffing box chamber. Cover is fastened to frame or adapter so that a spare back pull-out assembly can be stocked completely assembled. Cover can be supplied with jacket for cooling stuffing box chamber in high temperature services. jacket can also be used for heating viscous or high freezing point liquids. Packed box has 4 rings of packing and a lantern ring. Quench gland with taps and an auxiliary ring of packing is standard. Gland is splif for easy removal. Tapped openings to lantern ring permit


A single piece shaft is designed for 0.05mm maximum deflection at stuffing box face. All critical surfaces ground to less than 0.8micron.


Renewable shaft sleeve is positive driven, key way type with one end free to expand with temperature variations. PTEE O - ring prevents leakage under sleeve. Sleeve permits application of inside balance mechanical seals where required. Sleeve is hard chrome Plated & Ground for maximum seal & Gland life.


Heavy cast iron construction and precision machined to keep bearing frame & casing in perfect alignment. Furnished with lifting eye-bolt for ease in maintenance. Open construction gives easy access to the stuffing box area. Either frame adapter or drip tray may be piped drain Jack Bolt tapping are standard for easy removal of casing for maintenance.